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County Executive - Debra A. Preston

Welcome to the Office of the County Executive!

On January 1st 2012, Debbie Preston was sworn in as the 8th Broome County Executive.

In her first Budget proposed on September 17, 2012, she delivered a 0% property tax increase, fulfilling her promise to hold the line on taxes. 

During her first eight months in office, Preston has taken major steps to cut costs, including:

  • Cutting her own and 63 other top managers’ salaries and benefits by 5% to save $364,000 every year;
  • Taking away some managers’ Take-Home vehicles and selling 10% of the Vehicle Fleet to save $400,000 over five years;
  • Consolidating rented space and leases to save $100,000 every year;
  • Merging departments to reduce staff and take advantage of efficiencies;
  • Implementing a Retirement Incentive for County employees to save $700,000; and
  • Prioritizing Welfare and other fraud detection and prosecution.

She has also made fighting for jobs and promoting economic development a top priority by:

  • Partnering with Binghamton University and others to develop a new Job Creation Incubator project in Downtown Binghamton;
  • Promoting On-The-Job Training that helps local employers find and train skilled employees; and
  • Pushing online training to boost the job prospects of 1,000 unemployed local individuals.

Preston also renamed her office as “The People’s Office” and holds Open Office Hours every Tuesday morning where any member of the public can meet with her face-to-face.

Prior to being elected County Executive, Preston served as Town Supervisor of Conklin. She is probably best known for her well-documented response to the devastating floods of 2006 and 2011, which ravaged Conklin and many other areas. While rebuilding her own flood-ravaged home after both events, she fought to obtain millions of dollars in aid for residents from the Federal and State governments. She earned numerous accolades, including the Jefferson Award and honors from the State Senate and Assembly, State Nurses Association, and many more.

From humble beginnings, to Broome County’s top spot, Debbie Preston is guided by strong morals, basic-government fundamentals and the philosophy that she works for the people.